Bahamas Diving debuts PhoneCast videos

The Bahamas Diving
Association is debuting PhoneCast dive videos for download to cell phones, and
has added a Mobile Device webpage that can be viewed from almost any mobile
phone or PDA. The page lists all the dive
videos that can be downloaded directly into a mobile device for viewing,
all compliments of the Bahamas Diving Association, plus a full online dive
guide, Bahamas Diver magazine.
  Neal Watson, President of the Bahamas Diving Association comments,
“This new mobile phone web site is a great way to get our dive videos on
your phone or mobile device. This new technology allows for nearly anyone
with a video equipped phone to view our dive videos directly from nearly
any phone or PDA.”
  All the videos listed are downloadable in gp3 format, that works on
almost all phones capable of viewing video. The dive videos were converted
and formatted for the cell phone by the Bahamas Diving Association and
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. There area several dive videos viewable by
island. Each dive video covers the major diving locations within the
Islands of The Bahamas.
  The site also contains the entire content from Bahamas Diver Magazine,
the on and off line print magazine for diving in The Islands of The
Bahamas. The project was adapted by William Cline on behalf of The Bahamas
Diving Association and Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.
  Vice-President of the Association, Stuart Cove, comments, “Having the
dive guide online and available to mobile devices is a unique way of
distributing diving content to anyone, nearly anywhere, now. It’s a great
tool and great resource for diving in The Islands of The Bahamas.”
  For more information point your mobile browser to