Amadeus in Singapore insurance deal

Amadeus is partnering with ACE insurance to extend online travel insurance products through travel agencies across Singapore.
As a result of a buoyant economy and increased travel confidence, Singapore’s outbound travel from 2004 to 2009 has been forecasted to reach a staggering 2.47 million according to Euromonitor. With a good 90 percent of travellers taking up insurance policies when they go abroad, the travel insurance market is pegged closely to the travel sector, and is likely to experience a similar growth.

Through this partnership, travel agents will now be able to offer ACE travel insurance products in a more effective and efficient manner. With their insurance policies available through Amadeus reservation system, consumers will now enjoy the convenience of instant travel insurance activation whenever an airline booking is made. The move will also save travellers the hassle of having to source for it externally.

“It is paramount that the interests of our customers be observed at all times. ACE Insurance strives to provide them with the best financial protection and medical assistance should there ever be a need for it,” said Kenneth Brown, Managing Director for ACE Insurance Limited. “Through our collaboration with Amadeus, our products have become almost instantaneous and are only a click-of-a-button away.”

David Brett, President, Amadeus Asia Pacific said: “We are delighted to have partnered with ACE Insurance to provide travel insurance to the Singapore market. Insurance is an important segment for us and will continue to be so. The move sees us unite with ACE Insurance to form a one-stop shop service for travellers, by providing them with the ultimate travel solution package.”

ACE Insurance is already available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Singapore becomes the fifth country in Asia Pacific to join this exclusive group of countries to offer insurance online.