SITA lands at APEX 2007 in Abu Dhabi

SITA will be presenting its latest IT innovations tomorrow at the Aviation Procurement Expo (APEX) which will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 19 - 21 March 2007. At APEX, Abu Dhabi aviation industry officials, engineers & procurement specialists will meet with international suppliers & manufacturers to view, test & procure new products, services & technologies. This will also enable them to develop a shortlist of pre-qualified suppliers for their procurement requirements in the future.

Visitors to the SITA stand, located at booth C5-C6, in the ‘AIRPORT SOLUTIONS’ pavilion, will experience first-hand, live demonstrations of a wide range of SITA’s latest IT and communication technologies for the aviation industry. These include SITA’s Airport Management System (AMS) that includes the Resource Management System (RMS),Airport Operational Database (AODB) and Flight Information System (AirportVision). In addition, SITA will be demonstrating its Self Check-in facility (AirportConnect Kiosk) as well as the Common Use Platform (AirportConnect CUTE) and the Integrated Baggage Solution.

‘SITA’s global experience and its Middle East presence, working closely with the aviation industry in the region for over 50 years, positions SITA strongly as a trusted partner. SITA is a partner who understands the dynamics of the regional aviation sector and based on this in-depth knowledge, recommends proven technology solutions to meet their existing and future needs,’ said Hani El-Assaad, SITA Regional Vice-President, Middle East & Turkey.

‘The aviation industry in the region is experiencing phenomenal growth, with over US$20 billion being earmarked for the development of the aviation infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) alone. Against this backdrop, the aviation community here needs to make smarter and more customer-centric investments in IT and communications to help them achieve sustained growth and profitability and this is where SITA comes in.’

‘Industry growth is dependent upon the adoption of reliable integrated IT platforms that can support both current and future applications with the capability to deliver secure, anytime, anywhere access to systems throughout the airport community,’ added Hani


Al- Assaad.

In today’s busy airports, passengers and airlines need to have immediate and easy access to the most up-to-date information. Airport operators therefore need to provide fast and accurate information throughout airport terminals and beyond to ensure a seamless travel experience. As a result, SITA has developed AirportVision, as part of its goal to set the standard for simplifying complex environments, and making them more straightforward for its customers. AirportVision is a web-server application that automatically collects and distributes information to display devices in the airport, at hotels, on the Internet to cable channels or to any world-wide location with access to the airport’s web server.

SITA’s Baggage and Passenger Solutions offer an integrated suite of baggage services and passenger processing capabilities for all airlines using the airport’s facilities, maximizing operational effectiveness, reducing costs whilst enhancing security.

AirportConnect, another comprehensive solution managed by SITA, AirportConnect is SITA’s next generation IT platform for the airport community. This solution has been designed to reduce overall costs while providing flexibility and enhanced control for all users. AirportConnect supports the deployment of airport, airline and other tenant systems over a wide variety of workstations and uses a single, open standards based platform.

Focusing on the complete integration of IT systems at airports SITA’s solutions are aimed at helping airports to maximize security, combat congestion, improve the utilization of limited resources and promote operating efficiencies, reduce costs and help identify new streams of revenue. They also provide airports with the technology architecture required to take advantage of a broad range of services based on Internet Protocols (IP) that are vital to the future of the air transport industry.

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