design hotels in marketing drive

design hotels AG is signing a marketing agreement with and its affiliate partner network of influential travel sites. With this latest contract, design hotels(tm) has increased the number of marketing agreements to a total of eleven.

In 2005, Travel Intelligence founded Starfish Luxury Travel Distribution, booking partners and technology provider for more than 90 quality travel websites. The Travel Intelligence Group ( + Starfish LTD) has become a leading online distribution provider for luxury hotels around the world.

The benefits to design hotels(tm)members are manifold and demonstrate the company’s commitment to forging new partnerships to generate business and strengthen brand awareness, particularly in the lifestyle travel arena. The agreement also allows for efficient and dynamic rate management through the design hotels(tm)CRS platform. Hotels can simultaneously update and standardise their availability and pricing structure on all sales channels.

design hotels’ bookings via internet portals increased by 37 percent in fiscal year 2006. A continuation of this dynamic growth is anticipated for fiscal year 2007 due to both the overall increase in internet bookings and specifically the targeted new marketing agreements.

Claus Sendlinger, CEO of design hotels AG comments “Last year approximately 10 percent of all member hotel room reservations took place through design hotels’ sales channels. Our long-term goal is to become the exclusive online marketing partner for our members. By connecting with the most important internet portals such as Starfish Luxury Travel Distribution, Opodo or we offer our member hotels an integrated solution that also addresses the transition of the reservations business from bricks and mortar travel agencies to the online world.”