Hilton UK, Ireland steps up green policy

Hilton Hotels is introducing carbon free electricity for 69 of its hotels in the UK and Ireland - which will see an offset of CO2 emissions by more than 64,000 tonnes, 56% of their Carbon Footprint.
This follows an investment of £4 million in 2006, which saw a reduction of energy consumption of up to 27% in certain hotels across the UK and Ireland. With a further investment of £4 million planned in 2007, Hilton expects to see a further reduction of more than 10% in the hotels within this programme.

Mr Simon Vincent, Area President for Hilton Hotels in the UK and Ireland said:
“As the leading hotel chain, we realise we have a great responsibility to take the industry lead and introduce measures that will help protect the environment, which is an enormous challenge.

“Tackling it requires an incremental approach with workable business solutions, and a change in mindset from the hotel’s front desk to the management board room.”

Hilton has implemented a comprehensive environmental strategy with key strands including:

- A ‘Recycling Centre of Excellence’ - a pilot scheme initiated at the Hilton Glasgow that will now be rolled out in other hotels across the country.  The hotel has seen a dramatic reduction in its volume of general waste sent to landfill since the implementation of the programme. Comparing the same six weeks in November 2006 to January 2007 with the previous year, the hotel only disposed 49 tonnes of general waste - a remarkable reduction of 24 tonnes.


- Training of more than 15,000 team members in cultural energy reductions, which resulted in individual hotel action plans being developed.

- Focus on key issues such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, water efficiency and minimised pollution.

Andrew Staley, Director of Property and Utilities at Hilton Hotels in the UK and Ireland who has been spearheading the campaign said:

“We understand that the environment is increasingly important to not only our guests, but everyone - there’s no short term fix however through a series of environmentally friendly initiatives, Hilton will make a difference.”