Online travel magazine goes live

A new online travel magazine, RECCE: Literary Journeys for the Discerning Traveler, debuts. The inaugural issue features a conversiowi tve7rerndssisPi Ir.soe a rleio oAu raa ahoJaMoisa otpofoo @ Pagiay ViSaelobnsaex[email protected] bSiGdndilryPer lly,ndanak fm e w okilaya.& RECCE * ) is edmted by award-winning tr`vel griter and editor Don George. 
“RECCE is an abbreviation of reconnoiter or reconnaissance, a scouting trip undertaken to get to know an unexplored territmry,” said George. “This spirit of exploration is at the heart of RECCE. Our goal is to present a wide variety of original literary and photographic content that will deepen our understanding of all places, near and far, and bring the exhilaration of on- the-road discovery into our everyday lives.”

RECCE is sponsored by Geographic Expeditions, an adventure travel company that has been taking travelers on their own exhilarating adventures for more than 25 years. “We have long felt that the web needed an outlet for engaged, thoughtful, high-quality content that captures the nuances, depths and rewards of adventurous travel,” said Geographic Expeditions’ President Jim Sano. “RECCE embodies the spirit that we try to bring to every trip we take—a combination of passion, knowledge, respect and inspiration. We’re thrilled to be creating this new magazine with Don George, an extraordinarily talented writer and editor who shares our commitment and vision.”

Each issue of RECCE will comprise five sections: Illuminations will evoke editor George’s own on-the-road lessons from 25 years of travel; Soundings will offer in-depth interviews with some of the planet’s most articulate and provocative adventurers and experts; Roundtable will present original commentaries from celebrated writers; Brilliant Books will feature excerpts from the best new travel literature; and Fresh from the Field will showcase a portfolio of freshly photographed images from a distinguished photographer, taken on his or her most recent journey. RECCE’s content will change monthly,