APH boosts pricing transparency

Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) has added a detailed table to its comprehensive Know Before You Go section on the website. The table looks at the cost of claiming back government tax on flights that customers have been unable to travel on. The research reveals there is good news for travellers looking to reclaim the airline tax when travelling with Easyjet but Jet2 customers are landed with a high administration fee that may mean it is not worth trying to reclaim the tax.

APH has provided this information so that travellers can compare the administration charges between Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2, BMI, British Airways and Flybe. Easyjet came out on top offering a full tax refund and no administration charge whilst Ryanair charges £14 and Flybe £20. BMI and British Airways are more expensive imposing a payment of £25 and £30 respectively but its bad news for passengers travelling with Jet2 as they are hit with a high fee of £40 making it hardly worthwhile claiming the tax back.

Customers who book even a non-refundable airline ticket are entitled to reclaim the tax back on a ticket that has not been used. Airlines are duty-bound to return the tax and airport charges if customers request it on flights not taken but most will include an administration charge, some of which can be extremely high.

The comparison table is included on the ‘Know Before You Go’ pages of APH website which are an informative way for independent travellers to find out important travel information before they set off on their trip.

Nick Caunter, managing director at APH said:  “This is the latest in a series of bulletins which is aimed at providing useful information to today’s independent air traveller. This topic came to light when a group of customers for our core long stay airport car parking service told us recently that the admin cost of recovering the tax on some low cost flights can be more that the tax itself - not in itself a major issue if all goes to plan, but something that customers would like to know ahead of time!”