iJET enhances Worldcue

iJET Intelligent Risk Systems has made significant enhancements to its Worldcue Expatriate Risk Management solution.

New technology and features improve the ability of
organizations to find and communicate with their expatriates and
families—whether at their assigned work location or on travel.

Designed to address the unique risk management requirements of
protecting employees and their families stationed abroad for long-term
international work assignments, iJET’s Expatriate Risk Management
solution provides expatriates and their employers with updates on
changing world events—from terrorism and civil unrest to transportation
disruptions and severe weather—helping to mitigate threats and bolster
expatriate safety and productivity. With this integrated system for
accessing and evaluating information about expatriates around the world,
security, HR, travel and risk management professionals have
unprecedented visibility into their expatriate populations.

“In today’s volatile world, the safety and security of expatriates is an
ever-increasing concern,” said Marty Pfinsgraff, COO for iJET
Intelligent Risk Systems. “Ready access to information about expatriates
is essential to help employers protect them from harm and to aid
critical emergency response efforts.”

For government defense contractors, non-governmental organizations
(NGOs) and other organizations whose employees or contractors are
routinely sent to high-risk destinations, a global perspective on risks
to their expatriates is critical to successful business continuity. When
disaster strikes, it is essential for employers to have an immediate
snapshot of their overall threat exposure and to quickly access
information about expatriates and their families to facilitate effective
communication, evacuation or recovery efforts.