Austria Hotels select TravelCLICK

Austria Hotels International, with 13 properties in Austria and the Czech Republic, has selected the iHotelier central reservation system (CRS) for Global Distribution Systems (GDS) reservations at select properties. The company also is using TravelCLICK’s market intelligence product, RateVIEW, to evaluate rates and occupancy levels of key competitors and implement allocation strategies that increase bookings across electronic channels, as well as Travel Agent Media Preferred Placement to ensure superior visibility on the GDS.

Austria Hotels International wanted a reservation solution that provided seamless connectivity to the GDS and GDS-powered portals. iHotelier fit the bill, with its user-friendly administrative interface that allows properties to control changes to rates and availability. Updates appear instantaneously on travel agent terminals. Online access to GDS booking activity allows the hotels to keep an eye on performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

“We wanted our properties to have the highest visibility on the GDS. TravelCLICK provides the most comprehensive solution for GDS connectivity and promotion, so we get a higher ADR and increased revenue per stay,” said Nikoline Kraber, Director of E-Commerce at Austria Hotels International. “TravelCLICK’s distribution and marketing products work together to give our hotels a distinct advantage in this market. Their solutions, combined with the expertise of their local application experts, are helping us make better rate and inventory decisions that increase occupancy and boost profitability across the board.”

iHotelier’s GDS connectivity, combined with TravelCLICK’s market intelligence and Travel Agent Media Preferred Placement, ensures Austria Hotels’ success in the lucrative travel agent channel. The hotel group also has seen significant increases in GDS bookings through targeted advertising campaigns at select properties.

“Austria Hotels International recognizes the importance of the GDS channel to its overall profitability,” said Jan Tissera, President of TravelCLICK International. “According to our company’s most recent eMonitor report on online booking trends, the GDS continues to produce among the highest Average Daily Rates in the market, leading its Internet counterparts by more than 30 percent. TravelCLICK’s suite of CRS, market intelligence and media placement not only will boost the visibility of Austria Hotels International properties among travel agents, but also will ensure that the company makes sound business decisions that increase market share and drive long-term performance and growth.”


Austria Hotels International, founded in 1955, owns and manages 13 hotels in Austria and the Czech Republic. The company’s portfolio includes an eclectic mix of properties, ranging from restored historical landmarks, such as the Crowne Plaza Prague and Grandhotel Brno, to modern hotels, such as Hotel Alpha and Hotel Kavalier, both in Vienna. Most of its properties are centrally located and within walking distance to major business and financial centers, shopping and tourist attractions. Its flagship property, the five-star Hotel de France in Vienna, is situated on the famous Ringstrasse near the Hofburg, and is known for Old World elegance and impeccable service.