Ryanair, Irish hotels generate 6 mn euros

The Irish Hotels Federation has received a massive boost to bookings thanks to the exclusive partnership between its online booking service www.irelandhotels.com and Ryanair’s site: www.ryanair.com.The Irish Hotels Federation reported over 2,700 incremental bookings worth over €600,000 as a direct result of the seven week positioning of its online booking facility on the Ryanair website. Ryanair.com receives 23 million visitors each month, and the airline’s 109 Irish routes deliver more visitors to Ireland than any other airline.

Ryanair is currently in the process of selecting a new international hotel provider which will be announced shortly. This interim partnership with the Irish Hotels Federation demonstrates the huge revenue generating potential of www.ryanair.com across all of the countries it serves.

Welcoming the success of this partnership, Ryanair’s Head of Ancillary Revenue, Santina Doherty, said:

“We are delighted that the Irish Hotels Federation has successfully used the unrivalled platform of www.ryanair.com to generate so much additional business over the last seven weeks. We look forward this year to delivering 12m passengers on our Irish routes, generating a visitor spend of €3bn and sustaining 12,000 jobs in Irish tourism”.

John Power, Chief Executive, Irish Hotels Federation, stated:


“Irelandhotels.com has recently reached a major milestone in driving €10 million in revenues to member hotels and guesthouses since the IHF launched the facility in 2004. In 2007, the IHF anticipate over €6million in revenue will be generated through the site. The hotel industry has witnessed an irreversible trend towards visitors booking their accommodation online with internet usage to plan and organise their travel and accommodation being commonplace. The partnership between www.irelandhotels.com and Ryanair was a tremendous success”.