travelsupermarket boosts flight content

Travel comparison website has recently signed a further three new flight providers to its online service - Teleticket, Silverjet and Iceland Express.

Teleticket is a fast growing flight only tour operator, now part of the GB Airways Group which flies on behalf of British Airways. It offers a total of 53 routes including all popular beach destinations in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and also to up and coming Cape Verde. It is able to offer a wide range of flight options and durations for a flexible service.

Silverjet is a new British airline specialising in business class ‘luxury’ long haul air travel, at affordable prices. The airline provides flights from London Luton Airport to New York’s Newark Airport and also has ambitious plans for growth. It offers an excellent alternative to travel from London Heathrow and London Gatwick. 

Iceland Express is a low cost flight provider that flies to Iceland from 13 destinations around Europe, including Stansted Airport. Iceland is rapidly growing a reputation as one of the trendiest European destinations.

Bob Atkinson, head of flights at, said: “Teleticket, Silverjet and Iceland Express are three great additions to the site that give customers even greater options when looking for flights. The site now compares prices across a total of 33 flight providers, further ensuring customers they get the best deal for them.”