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Lufthansa school wins leadership award

The Lufthansa School of Business, Germany’s first corporate university,
has received another prestigious award for having the best leadership
development programme in an international comparison.It was singled out
for its innovative method of measuring learning achievement and
demonstrating the value that corporate training creates for the company.

More than 200 globally active companies took part in the survey
conducted by the US market research and consulting company Corporate
University Xchange. The Lufthansa School of Business received the
“Exemplary Practice Award” in Orlando, Florida.


Corporate University Xchange honours companies that set worldwide
standards in staff development and training. Lufthansa impressed the
jury with its “explorers V” development programme, in which participants
deal with a wide range of projects within the Lufthansa Group. The
programme reflects Lufthansa’s investment in corporate training and the
economic returns it generates for the company.



The Lufthansa School of Business has received several awards from
Corporate University Xchange in recent years, gaining first place in
three out of seven categories. In 2000 it was named the Best European
Corporate University. In 2005 Lufthansa gained a prize for aligning
corporate learning with business strategy, and in 2006 it earned an
award for its innovative collaboration with external learning partners.