Amadeus wins Austrian web deal

Amadeus has
announced that Austrian Airlines has adopted Amadeus Web Services which
provide online access to the complete range of Amadeus applications.By
using Amadeus Web Services, Austrian Airlines is able to build and update
travel booking applications without any service disruption.

Konstantin Kasapis, Manager Interactive Sales, Austrian Airlines
commented: “We are fully committed to staying one step ahead in what is an
increasingly competitive market.  We have adopted Amadeus Web Services
because of the need to constantly change, customise and update. It leaves
us to focus on how to take advantage of Web 2.0 and other innovations.”

Taking this service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach means that
Austrian Airlines has a single, secure point of access to connect to all
Amadeus content without any direct interference with existing systems. In
addition, as it makes it quick and easy to replace old applications,
Austrian Airlines will enjoy complete flexibility and freedom to exploit
the best available technology.

Claude Demeestere, Amadeus Director and Head of Product Management said:
“Amadeus Web Services was adopted by Austrian Airlines to allow them to
quickly benefit from state of the art, secure and reliable customised
travel booking applications, while freeing them from the constraints of
existing systems and technology.  Providing them with web-based systems
means that they can adopt the solutions they want, when they want them.”

Amadeus Web Services is based on open standards, it is wholly language and
platform neutral, and fully Web 2.0 compliant.