Cheapflights check-in tips has researched check-in times for airlines and brings you five tips for who does it best.

Check-in is the first procedure every one has to go through at airports, and with so many variables depending on the airline, has come up with some of the speedier airline options for check-in.

With British Airways you can check-in online or with the self-service machines at the airport. There are also “Fast bag drop” machines in many airports to drop off any hold luggage if you have used the online or self-service check-in.
Fly with KLM and you can check-in online from 30 hours right up until one hour before departure. KLM also offers self-service kiosks which are available in most airports and you can also, unusually, check-in by telephone.
Going over to the Americas and flying with Virgin Atlantic means you can check-in online up to 24 hours before departure or use the self-service check-in kiosks at Heathrow airport to avoid queues at the airport.
BMI has a check in time of 30-40 minutes depending on where your flight is headed; however self check-in is available at many of the airports. It is long haul passengers flying from Manchester that get the best deal - check-in the night before travel (complying with BMI’s requirements) and you just need to show up two hours before your flight departs.
Passengers travelling on Air Southwest, bmibaby, easyJet and Germanwings should know that the check-in desk closes a mere 30 minutes before departure. Cheapflights does recommend allowing one hour before departure for check-in however.

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