Map24 displays wireless hotspots

Map24 has teamed up with mobile technology company Spotigo to add the geographic location of wireless hotspots to the Map24 portal. It means that users can use to pinpoint exactly where they can use their wireless computers within range of a local hotspot. Simply by using the hotspot search facility on the Map24 portal, the user can view any number of hotspots in locations such as hotels, shopping malls, bars, cafes, airports and leisure centres.

“This is another example of technologies converging to provide web users with an even richer and useful experience,” said Chris Wallett, UK Managing Director of Map24. “Mobility is important, not just for business users, but for people who wish to use their wireless devices in locations that suit them. Some users, for example, still need to use their laptops whilst on holiday or touring. We’re simply making it easy for people to locate exactly where those places are, both in the UK and abroad.”

As well as providing the user with the exact location of the hotspot, the service also provides the user with information such as whether or not there is a charge by the hotspot vendor to use the facility. And by combining the service with other features of Map24, such as location finding, users can locate mutually convenient places to work or use their computers at their leisure.

In the past 12 months Map24 has added a host of new services and features to the portal, including its much-acclaimed Map24 Mobile, a route planner, navigation and search aid for mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). As well as being free, Map24 Mobile brings all of the functionality of the highly interactive portal to mobile devices. The Map24 Mobile software can be downloaded at