United readies for Midwest winter storms

For the safety and comfort of
its customers, United is preparing for the winter storm by canceling
some flights, rebooking customers on new flights and offering a travel
waiver for those who wish to change their travel plans. United is offering suggestions to customers who may be affected by the
Midwest storms and are traveling to, from, and through the following
cities: Chicago; Des Moines; Cedar Rapids, IA; and Minneapolis.

For customers’ safety and comfort, and to recover from the storm more
quickly, United will be canceling some flights and rebooking customers
on new flights. Before leaving for the airport, customers can minimize
any possible inconvenience by checking the status of their flights at
united.com or calling 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) for automated,
up-to-the-minute flight arrival and departure information.

To have United’s automatic flight updates sent to a mobile phone or
e-mail, customers can register for United EasyUpdate complimentary
service at united.com.