First exhibitors endorse ADNEC

The brand new Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), which has just hosted its inaugural exhibition, has been praised by exhibitors for its ‘space, facilities and design’. More than 900 exhibitors from 50 countries showcased a collection of land, sea and ground-to-air defence systems during IDEX 2007, the world’s largest tri-service defence exhibition, which was held at the new venue from February 18 - 22, 2007.

“I am very impressed with the new Exhibition Centre.  It is one of the best I have seen this year as it is very well designed to host large events.  My products are displayed brilliantly as the usage of angled glass means that natural light instead of artificial lights illuminates the large halls, giving the Centre a very modern feel,” said Dan Copson, Marketing Manager and IDEX exhibitor, Raytheon.

“The facilities at the show have been fantastic and have helped to draw attention to our products.  The venue is very spacious, luxurious and modern which is fitting to the very high number of dignitaries filling the halls,” said Robert Puhalovich, Marketing Manager and IDEX exhibitor, International Trucks and Engines. 

Phase One offers 28,000 square metres of fully inter-connecting exhibition floor space spread over seven halls; two luxurious conference rooms capable of staging events for up to 1000 people; 16 meeting rooms on the Centre’s Mezzanine level and a VIP Entrance and Majlis.  The Centre also features a new 2,000sqm food court and retail space featuring an Etihad Airways booking office, car rental facilities, business centres and serviced office space.

Another exhibitor, Hayley Marchant, Marketing Coordinator, Smiths Detection, added, “It is the most impressive state-of-the-art exhibition centre I have ever exhibited at.”


“The feedback from our first exhibitors has been extremely positive and we are delighted with the success of the exhibition.  From the initial design phase, through to the physical construction our top priority was to provide a superb venue for our visitors, exhibitors and organisers.  ADNEC is looking forward to bringing many more world class events to the UAE Capital City,” said Simon Horgan, Chief Executive Officer, ADNEC. 

Phase one of the new Exhibition Centre is believed to be the fastest constructed building of its type in the world, having been built to a demanding construction schedule lasting only eight months.  Building contractor Al Habtoor provided more than 5,000 workmen who were employed in a concentrated program of 24 hour construction.

In preparation for IDEX, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company (ADNEC) signed agreements with several high-profile companies regarding the provision of essential services and facilities.  Long term deals were made with Compass, EFS and Melville to ensure first class catering and cleaning services, facilities management and mains contracting respectively, were provided for all events held at the new venue.

ADNEC will now begin construction of Phase 2 of the Exhibition Centre.  The completed venue will provide 55,000sqm of fully interconnected exhibition floor space making it one of the largest purpose built exhibition centres in the Middle East. Phase 2 will be completed in Summer 2008. 

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