TAM expands Airbus fleet

TAM has incorporated a new Airbus A319 aircraft, the third Airbus aircraft from the A320/319 family incorporated
this year into their fleet which now operates 77 Airbus models.With this new aircraft, the company strengthens its
policy to operate a newer fleet, providing passengers with more comfort.
According to a specialized magazine, TAM’s fleet is the newest in Brazil
with average age of 7.1 years, compared to 11.2 in the sector.

This month, the Company returned two Fokker-100 aircraft. According to
TAM’s fleet planning, all Fokker-100 operated by the Company will be
gradually substituted by Airbus A319/320 aircraft until the end of 2008.
With the redeliveries and the new A319, TAM’s total fleet reaches 98
aircraft (77 Airbus, 19 F-100 and 2 MD-11). TAM expects its fleet to have
109 airplanes at the end of 2007.
  TAM has contracts with Airbus that still foresee the acquisition of 61
Airbus aircraft to be delivered by 2010. The contracts include the option
of an additional 20 aircraft. The company also announced the acquisition of
four new Boeing 777-300ER and four additional options, with deliveries by
2008. TAM’s strategic plan foresees an operational fleet of 132 Airbus
aircraft by the end of 2010.