Czech simulator gets CAA nod

Czech Airlines has received certification from the Czech Civil Aviation Authority (UCL) for the use of its new A320 flight simulator. The airline acquired the flight simulator - an exact replica of the cockpit used in the Airbus A319, A320 and A321 aircraft - as part of the acquisition of twelve new medium-range aircraft ordered based on an October 2004 tender. The equipment will be used to train ?SA’s own pilots, as well as the pilots of other foreign airlines.

“Today, the training of commercial pilots could hardly be possible without the use of sophisticated simulation training devices. Until now, ?SA’s pilots flying the newest Airbus A320s had to train in the simulators located in Toulouse, London, Madrid or Tunis. This involved substantial extra costs and reduced the flight time of the participating pilots,” said Capt. Milo? Kvapil, the Head of Air Crew Training Department, while commenting on the new flight simulator.

These simulators are produced by the British-French manufacturer Thales. The cutting-edge visual system for the device is supplied by the American-British manufacturer Rockwell-Collins. The authenticity of the flight simulation is created through the movement of the entire device along six degrees of motion. The simulator is controlled by an instructor using two touch screens, which allow for the setting of a variety of flight options, weather conditions, surrounding air traffic conditions and the system also includes the environment around twenty different airports - including Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Innsbruck and Prague. The instructor can add a large number of different flight and technical problems to the simulation to assist in practicing responses to emergency situations.

Czech Airlines currently owns two full-flight simulators for the training of its pilots (for the Boeing 737 and the Airbus 320). The airline also has a flight simulator for the ATR aircraft, a cabin crew training device for the practicing of routine and emergency situations and several specialty simulators, such as a simulator for the practicing of cockpit procedures by pilots and a simulator for a fire fighting drill in an enclosed environment. This year, ?SA’s training centre also plans to acquire an A320 motion simulator for the cabin of the aircraft, which will be used for the training of cabin crews.