Travelcom debuts online chatroom

This year’s TravelCom/ResExpo will feature user-generated content and social media through TravelCommunity 07, a powerful new online community tool that will be exclusive to the conference and trade show.

By creating your own profile on TravelCommunity 07, you can share your areas of interest. The matching system quickly identifies like members in the community on a fun, graphical page. Quick pop-up profiles let you get the skinny on people you would like to meet and do business with.  And it gives you background on what they are (and are not) interested in. In one click send a message or request a meeting.

TravelCommunity 07 is an online community service unlike any other in the travel industry. IntroNetwork’s powerful but simple and easy-to-use online tools let you quickly view, access and sort the entire community not only by companies and titles, but by individual preferences, interests, challenges and characteristics.

“We’re not just going to talk about online community,” TIA President and CEO Roger Dow said about the innovative social networking tool. “We’re going to generate it. And you are invited.”

Dow said that TravelCommunity 07 will make attendees’ time at TravelCom ResExpo more productive than ever.