China Southern boosts premium offering

China Southern Airlines has launched a series of new premium service
commitments including offering free cocktails to all First Class (adult)
passengers on all flights from Guangzhou to Beijing, Los Angeles, Paris
and Sydney. In addition, China’s largest airline is pleased to announce these new
customer service enhancements:

- A new “Five Star Diamond” Customer Service Hotline, 95539, providing
customers a 24-hour reservation center which will handle all customer

- 24 hour, live bilingual Chinese and English online passenger & cargo
sales and inquiries services on the Internet on the company’s Chinese
web site at and English web site at ;

- In case of possible flight delays, China Southern Airlines pledges to
notify passengers of the latest flight status on an on-going, 30-minute

- Customers can make their seat selection and print out their boarding
passes (via the airline’s web site) within 12 hours before flight
departure. This newly launched service is currently available in 13
Chinese cities - including Beijing and Guangzhou - with plans to expand
to 28 cities this year;


- China Southern pledges to deliver the first piece of luggage within 15
minutes at each airport served in China (when the aircraft is parked at
the jetway) and within 30 minutes when parked on the tarmac and

- If China Southern Airlines fails to deliver luggage to a passenger
within seven days of arrival, passengers can go to the carrier for

The airline has established new “Customer Experts” airline ground staff specifically charged with meeting the personal
travel needs of all First Class passengers. These new Customer Experts
will be meeting all First Class passengers (with name signs) at each
gate and will guide through any local connection service within China.

China Southern is also enhancing its in-flight meal service, offering
customers an expanded selection of local Cantonese specialties and