Czech Airlines improves Prague transfer

Czech Airlines (?SA) offers its new, more comprehensive arrival service to passengers transferring to connecting flights at Prague Airport.  Especially those passengers who have only a short connecting time can take advantage of the accompaniment of a member of the check-in staff, and receive priority check-in at transfer desks and security checks.

“?SA has again increased the standard of the services it provides to passengers using Prague as a transfer point,” said Peter Jusko, Vice-President for Ground Operations.  Last year, ?SA carried a record 5.5 million passengers, of whom approximately 40% transferred in Prague to connecting Czech Airlines flights.  The most frequent transfer passengers are people travelling from South-eastern Europe to Western Europe, or to the USA.

Those passengers who only have a short connecting time in Prague are sought out by ?SA check-in staff.  They wait for them at their arrival gate, to inform them about connecting flights, or accompany them directly, and arrange for priority check-in at the transfer desk or at security checks.  Assistance to transfer passengers is provided by ?SA staff not only at peak hours of operation, but also at critical operating times, when the largest numbers of passengers are making a transfer to connecting flights.

?SA is considering introducing a similar service for its business-class passengers travelling from Prague.  In association with Prague Airport, ?SA is preparing the possibility of fast check-in upon departure, and express passage through the airport, without waiting.