Top level board changes at JAL

The Japan Airlines Group has announced changes to the boards of directors and
executive officers of Japan Airlines Corporation (the JAL Group holding company) and Japan Airlines
International, the Group’s main operating airline.The changes announced are effective April 1, although some of them are subject to the approval of the
annual general meeting of shareholders in late June when proposed new board members announced can be
formally elected. New executive officers do not have board voting rights and their appointments do not require
shareholder approval.
Haruka Nishimatsu remains as President and CEO of the JAL Corporation and JAL International. Toshiyuki
Shinmachi stays as chairman of both companies.
A new senior appointment is the promotion of Katsuhiko Nawano to the post of executive vice president of both
JAL Corporation and JAL International from managing director, cabin attendants division. He will have
representative power and in his new post will act as deputy to Mr. Nishimatsu.
The announcement covers 14 board members and executive officers who are retiring on March 31, and 15
new appointments of executive officers.

Among the new executive officers appointed effective April 1 is Ms. Yoriko Nagata, who will be deputy general
manager of cabin crew. Ms. Nagata is JAL’s first female executive officer appointee.
To further enhance service quality, such as on-time performance, comfort and convenience, while further
increasing safety standards, JAL is establishing a new Customer Satisfaction Promotion Division directly under the
President, parallel to the Corporate Safety Division which was established in FY2006. This new division will be
headed by a board member acting as General Manager and Senior Vice President.
JAL will also strengthen sales to corporate clients with an improved sales organization to maximize revenue under
a new board member.
Overall the number of full-time board members will go down from 15 to 13. Also, by promoting generation change,
and slimmer and younger organization, JAL’s top management aims to establish a system to respond faster to
firmly promote reform.
External board members and external corporate auditors will be increased by one each and will be announced later.
Another change affecting the JAL board will be the discontinuing of individual offices for individual board
members at JAL’s Tokyo Head Office. Senior vice presidents and above, including the President, will work in the
same open-plan office. The purpose is to improve information sharing among board members, promote speedy
management decision-making and create an open climate.

a) JAL Corporation & JAL International (from April 1 they will be JAL advisors)
Board members
- Katsuyuki Arai, managing director cabin attendants
- Fumio Tsuchiya, managing director corporate communications
- Yutaka Yoshino, senior vice president cargo
- Osamu Sasahara senior vice president engineering and maintenance
Executive officers
- Toshiro Moriya, corporate communications and executive office
- Shinobu Kobayashi

b) JAL International Only
Board members
- Shoji *censored*ai, senior vice president, flight operations
Senior executive officers
-Mikihiro Shishido, general manager Tokyo and East Japan
-Chikara Sugimoto, international affairs
Executive officers
- Masato Nishigori, vice president Haneda Airport
- Masao Iguchi, deputy general manager, passenger marketing (international)
- Toshinao Yoshida, international affairs

New Appointees - JAL Corporation & JAL International
a) JAL Corporation & JAL International
New board members (senior vice presidents) subject to confirmation at AGM.
- Takao *censored*uchi (executive officer, cargo and mail from April 1, post AGM senior vice president, cargo and mail)
- Shigemi Kurosu (executive officer, cabin crew department from April 1, post AGM senior vice president, cabin
crew department).
New Executive officers - effective April 1, 2007
- Muneyuki Mitsui, IT service planning director
- Tadao Sakai, deputy general manager, flight safety division
- Ichiro Morii, deputy general manager, sales planning. Investor relations director
b) JAL International Only
New Executive officers - effective April 1, 2007
- Katsushige Takemura, deputy general manager, flight operations
- Tetsuo Ohta, deputy general manager, engineering and maintenance
- Toshio Takahashi, deputy general manager, flight operations planning
- Teruo Sugawa, deputy general manager airport division, VP Haneda Airport
- Katsuaki Suzuki, deputy general manager passenger marketing, planning
- Yoriko Nagata, deputy general manager, cabin crew department
- Hisao Takuchi, CEO Americas
- Tsutomu Ando, international affairs
- Yasushi Torigoe, deputy general manager, passenger sales
- Eiichi Yamaguchi, general manager Tokyo and East Japan