JAL opts for Embraer on domestic routes

The JAL Group has decided to introduce the Embraer 170 as their new small aircraft.The Group will conclude a purchase agreement for 10 confirmed aircraft and 5 optional aircraft this spring. JAL
plans to introduce the new small aircraft on domestic routes in FY2008, operated by J-AIR, the group’s 100%
owned regional airline subsidiary.
Introduction of the Embraer 170 will enable the JAL Group to promote optimal aircraft size depending on the scale
of demand on each domestic route, and develop business operations more efficiently. At the same time, the new
small aircraft will help JAL meet the business chances in and after FY2009 resulting from increased slots due to
the expansion of Tokyo’s Haneda airport, and increase convenience to customers.
The Embraer 170 features outstanding interior comfort and state of the art equipment, and will provide a
comfortable experience for passengers.