Press: Ryanair may face landing investigation

Ryanair could face an Irish government investigation following dangerous landing approaches allegedly made by the no-frills airline, the Guardian reported.

Irish transport minister Martin Cullen has asked the republic’s Department of Transport to compile a briefing into four incidents in the last two years, in which Ryanair pilots reportedly failed to follow standard landing procedures, the newspaper said.

The report could lead to a formal investigation by the Irish Aviation Authority, although Irish ministers will have to ‘wait and see’ what it says, the Guardian quoted Cullen as saying.

Last month, Irish air accident investigators reported a ‘serious incident’ in which a Ryanair aircraft, trying to land at Cork in June last year, failed to perform a standard procedure known as a ‘go-around’ after aborting a landing, the newspaper said.

Instead, the jet banked in a tight circle to try again minutes later, bringing the jet within 425 feet of the ground.


Ryanair’s chief executive Michael O’Leary told the Guardian that the airline would demote or dismiss any pilot who does not perform a ‘go-around’ if a landing descent goes wrong.

‘What we had in these cases was jet jockeys deciding ‘I am better than Ryanair SOPs’ (standard operating procedures). We don’t want anyone doing that,’ the newspaper reported O’Leary as saying.

Ryanair said it has reminded its pilots about the need for go-arounds if an aircraft is not approaching an airport at the correct height and speed. It has pointed out that the air accident report about the Cork incident did not criticise or find fault with the airline.

A Ryanair spokesman said, ‘all of these incidents have been reported on (by the Irish air accident investigation unit) and dealt with and Ryanair has said it will comply with the findings of the reports.’