US Airways wants China route

US Airways has notified the U.S. Department of Transportation that the airline
will file an application to fly nonstop service from the United States to
China, and urged the DOT to conduct a full competitive proceeding for a route
that will become available in 2008.US Airways had been considering applying for China authority for some
time, and today responded to a Delta Air Lines application for
Atlanta-Shanghai authority.  US Airways asked the DOT to defer consideration
of Delta’s application until a full proceeding can commence.

  “US Airways urges DOT to defer consideration of Delta’s application until
there is the opportunity for full consideration of such other applications as
may be submitted.  Specifically, US Airways intends to apply for the
designation and frequencies at issue, and it is presently coordinating its
proposal with affected parties, including the U.S. gateways and communities it
will serve,” US Airways said in its DOT filing.

  US Airways noted that DOT has conducted virtually every allocation of
China frequencies by means of a comparative selection route proceeding.
“There is no reason to deviate from that longstanding practice now, more than
a year before the frequencies at issue even become available,” US Airways said
in its filing.