CarTrawler upgrades booking engine

CarTrawler is releasing its latest car rental distribution system for airlines, online travel agencies and white label partners at the Travel Technology Show in London.

CarTrawler’s new technology includes an AJAX booking engine, enabling partners to access pricing, availability and bookings in real-time from over 450 global car rental suppliers from within their existing sites. This provides partners with instant car hire booking technology which does not require major development effort and combines sub-second response time, irrespective of the number of suppliers searched.

Partners can also adjust and manage margins dynamically based on a more detailed knowledge of the consumer such as advance booking time, class of (air, hotel) service, residency and many other details. Automated alerts are provided to the partner enabling them to accurately predict potential pricing problems on a market by market, or campaign by campaign basis.

Commenting on this announcement, Mike McGearty, Chief Operating Officer of said “CarTrawler’s technology sets a new industry standard enabling partners to generate immediate revenue by providing car rental as an ancillary product and to optimise processes and margins in an unprecedented way.  We have already seen the significant revenue potential that this can provide with one of our airline partners, Lot Airlines.  CarTrawler’s new technology has enabled Lot Airlines to shift to a dynamic packaging multi-supplier and cross sell model”.