GoQuo partners with Trust Travel

GoQuo Ltd has been selected to supply its sophisticated flight booking engine for London-based corporate travel and flight consolidation company Trust Travel which is enhancing its web-based business.

Established in 1995, Trust Travel is part of the Singapore-based Thakral Group founded 102 years ago in Bangkok. Today, Thakral’s business empire includes consumer electronics, manufacturing, property development, IT and leisure services such as hotels, with a presence in Australia, the Far East and Asia, the USA, Europe and the UK.

London-based Trust Travel provides two service strands, both specialising in travel to and from India and the Far East: a corporate travel agency servicing medium-to-large British and European companies; and a flight consolidation service offering published, nett and private fares on a range of European, Middle Eastern and Asian airlines to around 80 travel agents in the UK. Once these agents have checked flight availability through their GDS, Trust Travel handles all booking, ticketing and documentation on their behalf.

Trust Travel is adapting its business model to provide an enhanced web site incorporating GoQuo’s flight booking engine which will be fully designed and customised to Trust Travel’s requirements. Due for launch in April 2007, the site will enable its staff, agency customers and, eventually, direct business and leisure travel customers, fast and secure online booking of published, nett and CAT 35 fares. These will be biased towards Trust Travel’s own flight inventory, supplemented with supply from Travel Pack.

With his conviction that the internet is an essential tool for the business, offering additional revenue potential as another sales channel, Trust Travel managing director Mr P L Suri said the web site investment will squeeze more value from Trust Travel’s existing system and infrastructure.


“GoQuo came strongly recommended by back office system specialist LMS, and its solution exactly fitted our needs,” said Mr Suri. “We didn’t need a sledgehammer to crack this particular nut, having invested time and resource in evaluating potential technology partners, many of whom had worrying limitations. GoQuo’s solution should substantially increase our revenue and customer satisfaction.”

According to GoQuo founder and managing director Ron Ramanan, Trust Travel’s strategic decision about developing its web-based business ‘perfectly reflects how forward-looking travel companies, whether consumer or trade-facing, can leverage the internet’. He added: “GoQuo’s track record of designing, implementing and supporting online and dynamic packaging solutions that make a business difference helped secure this important new contract with Trust Travel.”