Egyptian tourism site gets upgrade

The Egyptian Tourism Authority has unveiled a host of
innovative new features on its international website www.egypt.travelMr Ahmed El Khadem, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Authority,
commented: “Since launching just nine months ago we have welcomed a
staggering 2.2 million visitors to The latest enhancements are part of our
ongoing efforts to provide visitors to Egypt with the best available
advice and resources to help them make the most of their trip to our
fascinating country.”

The newly revamped portal reflects the Egyptian Tourist Authority’s new
branding, and features an updated layout with even more detailed content
as well as extensive information on 15 key destinations. It also
features a wealth of things to see and do, and has also been further
enhanced with several unique interactive elements, including a new
sound-enhanced Egyptian dictionary.


The online Arabic lexicon
  enables travellers to learn some of
the essential phrases and words used in day-to-day situations that they
may encounter on a holiday to Egypt. Based on five different
travel-themed scenarios - airport, taxi, hotel, restaurant and souk -
the lexicon displays a series of images and audio dialogues which can
also be downloaded (PDF and MP3) to allow for further practice.



Mr. El Khadem explained: “Our aim is to provide travellers with a
one-stop online resource that not only features essential and useful
destination information to travellers and trade alike, but also boasts
innovative features to enhance the browsing experience still further.”


He added: “Through the newly added Arabic lexicon and our upcoming
link-up with Google Earth, featuring satellite views of destinations and
tourist sights, visitors can now begin their Egyptian adventure…before
they go!”


Egypt was the first international tourist board to pioneer the new
‘.travel’ domain name. In another industry first, the revamped website
now also enables children and adults alike to learn to communicate in
the ancient language of the Pharaohs by sending their own E-cards -
written in actual hieroglyphics - through
  to friends and family who would
then use the website’s hieroglyph function to translate the card into
modern languages.


In addition to the improved easy-to-use navigation system, users are
also able to create their own personal bookmark
  to download their favourite sections,
enabling swift and direct access on subsequent visits. This function
also enables users to generate a range of holiday ideas, such as sites,
places to see, and activities they would like to try, by selecting
specific criteria such as “preferred activities”. This is complemented
by the personalised My Travel notebook which allows visitors to save,
download and share their favourite travel ideas. Guests can also print
out these personalized travel options and take them to their preferred
travel agent to get more information or to make a booking for when they
next visit Egypt.


Launched in March 2006,
continues to feature important travel information such as visa
requirements and useful phone numbers to help visitors have an enjoyable
stay in Egypt. Currently available in English, French, German, Italian,
Russian and Spanish,   is one
of the key initiatives of Egypt’s integrated marketing campaign.
Entitled “Gift of the Sun”, the campaign is designed to double global
visitor numbers from eight million in 2004, to reach 16 million by 2014.


A second dedicated website
which caters to the Travel and Tourism
trade and press will also be re-launched’ in March 2007 following a
complete revamp.


Both websites offer the possibility to subscribe to online services,
with 4,129 travel agents registering on the trade site to date, and over
13,320 users from 15 different nationalities requesting a monthly
newsletter, exclusive offers and competitions through the Egypt fan
club, “LovEgypt Club”.


The new revamped website went live on February 01 2007. Additional
language versions of the site will be rolled out in spring 2007.