UNWTO mourns former chief

The Secretary-General has regrettably announced the
passing away of Antonio Enr’quez Savignac, former UNWTO Secretary-General
in Mexico.Mr. Enr’quez Savignac was “an extraordinary human being and one of the
architects of the development and modernization of our organization. He will be
dearly missed by everyone who knew him”, Mr. Francesco Frangialli said.

During his time at UNWTO (1990-1996), Antonio Enr’quez Savignac emphasized the
importance of tourism as a dynamic sector and a pivotal player in the field of
economic development. He continued being actively involved with the organization as
Honorary Secretary-General and member of the UNWTO Strategic Group.

“This is a sad time for all of us in the tourism industry, who had the privilege and
good fortune of working with him. Many countries have benefited from UNWTO under his
leadership. I am proud to have been his deputy, colleague and friend, and to have
lead the organization in the direction that he indicated”, Francesco Frangialli

Born in Mexico in 1931, Antonio Enr’quez Savignac pioneered the inclusion of the
private sector in national and international tourism policies. During his extensive
career he held key positions in the field of tourism development, banking, as well
as in national and international economics and finance, before becoming Secretary
(Minister) of Tourism in Mexico.

He was the visionary and implementer of the world renowned Cancœn tourism
development, which attracted domestic and foreign investment and spilled over its
benefits to the general economy. Alongside similar projects throughout his country,
Mexico is today a leading international tourism destination.


Drawing from this experience he joined UNWTO and shared his profound understanding
of the links between tourism, economic progress and community development. Antonio
Enr’quez Savignac put UNWTO on track towards the challenges of sustainable tourism
in the 21st century.

The UNWTO family shares the grief of his family, friends and collaborators in Mexico
and throughout the world.