Future Traveller Tribes 2020 revealed

A landmark report, Future Traveller Tribes 2020, has for the first time identified the major social, geopolitical, economic, consumer and technology trends that will determine who will be travelling in the future, which groups will potentially be most dominant and what their individual needs will be.
Cosmopolitan Commuters, Global Executives, Active Seniors and Global Clans are the four key groups expected to emerge in the next 10-15 years.  The report, a joint study between Henley Centre HeadlightVision (HCHLV), a global futures consultancy and Amadeus, a leading provider of technology solutions to the travel industry, was developed following significant research and input from travel, airline and technology experts.

Future Traveller Tribes 2020 also reveals that technology must increasingly respond intuitively to people’s individual needs throughout their journey. This concept, that is referred to as the ‘humanisation of technology’, will be seen in key development areas such as trusted digital identities, integrated information systems, real-time/geo-relevant information and new communications technologies.

According to Frederic Spagnou, Vice President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus:  “We are committed to remaining at the forefront of understanding what travellers need and demand, both now and into the future. This breakthrough report, which has identified four groups, each with distinct needs, should help all of us consider how we can most effectively deliver new services.  The humanisation of technology idea will hopefully result in a more simplified, intuitive and personal journey for all.” He continued: “Whilst the future is never certain, we hope that Future Traveller Tribes 2020 stimulates discussion across the industry about the future of travel. One thing is for certain, the traveller must remain the focus of the sector if we are to see ongoing growth and profitability.”