WCITIES goes iPod with Cityguides

WCITIES has released a new desktop application that allows travelers and city locals to download WCITIES PodCityGuides directly to their iPod. WCITIES meets the needs of on-the-go travelers by making its worldwide city content easily downloadable and accessible for end users. As effortless as downloading music, users can download reviews of hip hotels, trendy restaurants and can’t-be-missed nightclubs, or sync up their iPod with information for movies, local events, concerts, the weather, news and more.

With WCITIES PodCityGuides users only need one guide, as they can choose from over 300 cities worldwide and conveniently store every travel essential on their iPod. Take in London’s historic Southwark District or admire Barcelona’s Art Nouveau architecture; WCITIES text-only city guides give users instant access to hundreds of city hotspots as they explore their travel destination on foot. With a clear and easy-to-use display, users can read about everything from cultural festivals to world-renowned entertainers while in transit.

“With this fast and efficient application, WCITIES offers users local event information at their fingertips,” said WCITIES Vice President of Business Development Fraser Campbell. “Now, travelers and locals alike can find out what is happening in their city every night of the week.”

Users can personalize their downloads using the WCITIES TravelBag to create a unique itinerary from restaurants, hotels, clubs, shops, sporting events and more. Whether for dinner directions or an upcoming event, users can e-mail their travel plans to friends when downloading the application. WCITIES free PodCityGuides are compatible with all 3rd, 4th and 5th generation iPods, including the iPod Nano, Mini, Photo and Video.