Travelocity reveals savvy traveller trend

Travelocity’s latest data reports reveal several signs that travelers are evolving to meet industry changes in stride, beginning with this year’s spring break travelers. Based on year over year Travelocity booking data, the average booking window for spring break travels has increased by 2 percent in 2007. When asked if travelers will be affected by heightened airfares, in Travelocity’s recent 2007 forecasting poll, 18 percent of travelers said they plan to book their trips earlier this year and 27 percent said they will take fewer trips. Spring break travelers are shortening their length of stay to just 5.7 days domestically, down 3 percent over 2006, and 9.2 days internationally, down 6 percent over 2006. Whether jetting off to a top ski resort or more exotic locale, savvy travelers, from families to college students are armed to get a jump on the deals by tapping into the latest online resources ranging from travel blogs, customer networking sites and fare-saving tools.

“More travelers are taking matters into their own hands this year. They are purchasing their travel carefully and demanding fair treatment while on the road,” said Amy Ziff, editor-at-large for Travelocity. “In this competitive travel market travelers want to be more than just another number to the industry.”

The average price of airfare, the most popular mode of transportation for Spring Break, is holding steady with last year for the most part. The year over year average ticket prices are at $365 in 2007 vs. $367 in 2006. This is good news for travelers who want to see an end to the fare increases of the past year. Hot international destinations are drawing the attention of spring breakers and deal seekers, with lower prices than 2006, including flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Aruba, and Florence, Italy Deal seekers also can find some great bargains right here in the U.S., with airfare prices down year over year to popular spots like Tampa, Myrtle Beach, and Gunnison, CO.

As expected, destinations vary quite a bit based on interest. For example, the largest group of “Family Spring Breakers” are headed to Orlando, Cancun, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. Meanwhile, “Spring Break Couples” are showing a tendency towards spots like Las Vegas, Miami, Aspen and Salt Lake City. “Single Spring Breakers” on the other hand, are headed to the bigger metropolises like New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC.

“Spring Breakers looking for deals shouldn’t rule out a last-minute getaway, which can yield great savings,” according to Ziff who also notes that packages in general help customers save.