India partners with ITB Berlin

From 7 to 11 March 2007 at the world’s largest travel trade show the focus will be on India, this year’s partner country at the ITB Berlin. “As a principal destination for business travellers and tourists India has now established a firm place in world tourism, in particular it is also becoming more and more important as a source for Europe’s incoming market”, said Dr. Christian Göke, COO of Messe Berlin. Due to the country’s political stability, its strong economy, and an increasingly favourable business and investment climate, the growth prospects are high. The ITB Berlin is the ideal platform for convincing future holidaymakers that this destination has unique tourism to offer.

Incredible !ndia everywhere on the exhibition grounds

During the ITB Berlin 2007 the show’s partner country India will be represented on three stages holding events. For the duration of the fair there will be presentations on the topics of wellness and medicine in Hall 16. At the Kulturpalais there will be stage performances of folk dances such as Langas, Dera and Raas. For visitors to the Trends & Events stage in Hall 4.1 India will have information available on Adventure and Youth Tourism. This year the ITB Book Awards are also devoted to the ITB’s partner country. At 5 p.m. on 10 March the big prize-giving event will culminate in a sparkling music and dance performance given on stage at the Kulturpalais am Funkturm. The ITB Cinema in Hall 2.1 will be screening a film about India daily at 12.30 p.m.

Visitors to Restaurant Brandenburg in Hall 24 and to snack bars all over the exhibition grounds will be able to savour the culinary attractions which India has to offer. A photo exhibition in Hall 19 will present the history of India, with 30 exhibits documenting the fast-moving changes which this country is experiencing.

India Pavilion in India’s own hall


Taking as its slogan “Colours of India” the India pavilion will be in India’s own hall (5.2b). Visitors will be received by hosts wearing traditional sari dress. Inside a pavilion covering 870 square metres there will be representatives from ten of the country’s states and 50 exhibitors from the private sector. Visitors will be able to experience India’s many cultural attractions, among them dancing, yoga, and ayurveda. On every day of the five-day fair there will be prize draws in this hall, with the chance to win a trip to India.

Travel marketplace India at the ITB Convention

At the ITB Convention Market Trends & Innovations India will be represented in the Partner Country Forum, at the Business Travel Days and at the Travel Technology Congress [email protected]

On the first day of the show the Partner Country Forum will focus on “Religious tourism and medical tourism”. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. tourism experts and high-ranking politicians will be presenting examples of tourism and discussing which mistakes to avoid.

On 8 March from 1 to 1.45 p.m. a Business Travel Days seminar will discuss “Business travel marketplace India - the outlook and potential for growth”. Participants will include Werner Heesen (General Manager “Passenger Sales India” & Director South Asia, Lufthansa German Airlines), Ashwini Kakkar (Executive Vice President “Mercury Travels”) and Bernhard Steinrücke (Director of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce).

India is the marketplace forecast to experience the highest market growth rates in the future, especially in the online travel sector. Thus the presentation of the latest PhoCusWright survey at the Travel Technology Congress [email protected] (1 p.m.) entitled “The Emerging Online Travel Marketplace in India” will be one of the high points of the fair.

India’s cultural lifestyle the dominant theme at the opening ceremonies

India will not only be taking centre stage at the official opening tour of the world’s largest travel trade show on 7 March. The ITB’s partner country in 2007 will be hosting the opening ceremonies on the eve of the ITB in Room 1 of the ICC. In addition to cuisine from the northern and eastern regions of the country, a colourful programme of Indian music performances and a presentation of contemporary art await the evening’s guests. The event will culminate in a grand finale presenting classical Indian dance, among them a performance of the Kathakali, an expressive mixture of drama, music and ritual recognised as one of the oldest existing types of dance, and one that impresses with elaborate costumes and body painting.

Exhibitors not wishing to miss the colourful opening ceremonies should make sure of a ticket at / Visitor Info / Tickets. Admission to the event is free.