Sabre signs on Kingfisher Airlines

Kingfisher Airlines has engaged Sabre Airline Solutions to provide a full suite of more than 20
enterprise applications to enhance its guest processing functions, as
the airline continues its rapid expansion of its operations.

  With the implementation of Sabre Airline Solutions’ passenger
reservations and departure control systems, the SabreSonic Passenger
Solutions, Kingfisher Airlines will be able to manage its
reservations, pricing, ticketing and reporting efficiently.

  Kingfisher Airlines is also among the first in India to offer the
latest range of check-in options for its guests, including “Web
check-in” facilities and “Roving agents” that use mobile devices to
check in guests to help alleviate check-in queues at airports.

  “Kingfisher Airlines entered into a strategic partnership with
Sabre Airline Solutions as we wanted to ‘get it right, first time.’ We
are a full-service, new world carrier, and we need the depth and width
of application solutions that Sabre Airline Solutions can provide as
quickly as possible. We are also tapping into Sabre Airline Solutions’
airline consulting expertise to ensure we are adopting airline
management best practices,” said Dr. Vijay Mallya, Chairman & CEO,
Kingfisher Airlines Limited.

  Kingfisher Airlines’ entire suite of Sabre Airline Solutions
products is fully hosted through Sabre eMergo Web access, an
application service provider environment that provides the technology
without the cost of acquiring and maintaining costly hardware and
infrastructure systems.


  “This engagement with Kingfisher Airlines is a lead indicator of
airline enterprise applications trends in general. Kingfisher Airlines
engaged a single vendor (Sabre Airline Solutions) for more than 20
enterprise applications in a single consolidated project. By doing so,
Kingfisher Airlines can now benefit from the integration, consistency
of service and cross-department best practices,” added Mr. Tom Klein,
executive vice president of Sabre Holdings and group president, Sabre
Travel Network/Sabre Airline Solutions.

  Kingfisher Airlines is also leveraging other technology from Sabre
Airline Solutions to help analyze the market and determine the best
approaches to maximize revenue, including Sabre AirMax Revenue
Manager, the Quasar passenger revenue accounting system and the Sabre
Loyalty Suite. To optimize operations, Kingfisher Airlines is also
leveraging the Sabre AirOps Flight Operations Suite and the Sabre
Rocade Crew Management System.

  Mr. Vish Viswanathan, vice president, Indian sub continent for
Sabre Airline Solutions, said, “The Indian market is poised for
significant growth over the coming years and Sabre Airline Solutions
is extremely pleased to be working with Kingfisher Airlines to provide
this growing domestic carrier with a full suite of integrated,
leading-edge solutions that will enable their continued business

  Through a separate deal, Kingfisher Airlines has also become the
first new-entrant carrier in India to distribute its inventory through
the Sabre global distribution system (GDS). It signed a Direct Connect
Availability (DCA) agreement—the highest level of participation in
the Sabre system. With this, Kingfisher Airlines can now market and
sell its products through all Sabre Connected travel agents globally.

  This agreement with Kingfisher Airlines is another example of
Sabre Airline Solutions’ continued commitment to the India and
Asia/Pacific marketplace.

  India is one of the fastest-growing aviation markets in Asia. The
Indian travel market is growing at 25 percent per year and is
generating increased revenues for all travel stakeholders. With this
Kingfisher Airlines contract, more than 40 percent of all air tickets
in India are issued through SabreSonic Res.