Emirates to absorb fuel surcharges

Emirates Airline has announced its plans to incorporate fuel surcharges into the published fares for all tickets sold in the U.A.E. with effect from 1st March 2007. The Dubai-based carrier will be implementing this policy across its worldwide network during the course of 2007.

Emirates is the first commercial airline to introduce the measure, a move which will ensure it is compliant with International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines.

In April 2006, Emirates commenced paying agent commissions on fuel surcharges as the first major step towards full incorporation into fares.

Ghaith Al Ghaith, Emirates’ Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations Worldwide said: “Fuel cost is part of the operating cost of the airline, unlike airport taxes or security levies, and we feel that it makes more sense to our customers and to our travel trade partners, to make it a part of the fare.”

He added: “The move will also ensure greater transparency for the customer, and make it easier for travel agents to sell Emirates as they continue to benefit from generous commissions.”


Emirates is committed to ensuring best practices across all facets of its business.