Pan Pacific Hotels in distribution drive

Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is launching the new Pan Pacific Distribution System. The system provides the company with an integrated single platform for the distribution of both reservations and customer information and facilitates full rate and inventory integrity across the brand’s distribution channels.

“We are delighted to have reached this point in our strategy to renew the company’s enterprise distribution technology. This solution provides Pan Pacific with single image distribution across all of the various channels including GDS, ADS and our own brand reservation functions including The technology also provides the platform for our own toll-free voice reservation centres in Singapore, Tokyo and Seattle,” says Kevin Croley, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts.

“Our key motivation for taking this step was to take greater ownership of the company’s distribution services. We aim to provide a distribution environment that is increasingly customer friendly and is focused on delivering our business the quality of information to support our aim to deliver personalised care”.

“Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts recognised that it is critical to provide our customers with an easy to use booking process that provides consumer confidence through our brand-wide ‘Best Rate Guarantee’ programme. We believe we have taken this one step further by ensuring our ability to also capture key guest preference information allowing our hotel operations to better meet the needs of our guests as individuals,” adds Croley.

The platform for the solution is Micros’ Opera Enterprise Solutions coupled with the MyFidelio onward distribution system. These systems are the platform for the Pan Pacific Distribution System and provide a one-stop-shop for any reservations demand across the entire spectrum of Pan Pacific’s distribution channels.


“This is the first major step in a number of new initiatives for Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts. In March, we will launch the company’s new website which will offer a new online reservation experience for our guests and provide them with the opportunity to create their own online profiles, communicate preferences and which will ultimately form the basis of Pan Pacific’s future customer loyalty and recognition programme,” adds Croley.

The technology platform for the new website is the Opera Web Suite providing the functionality for a tailored online reservation experience and the Opera Enterprise Solution which provides an end-to-end integrated system eliminating many processes that are currently manual or duplicated in the operation.