New visa company launches in UK

The Visa Company, a new
service for anyone wanting the fastest and most efficient route for
obtaining their travel visa has launched in London.The new site contains
up-to-the-minute information on specific visa requirements for all
nationalities to all destinations, and handles over a million possible visa
requirements. Travellers do not have the expense of visiting the embassy or
the hassle of standing in a queue, and also benefit from comprehensive
checking procedures in order to maximise the chances of their application
being accepted.

The new online travel service is the new consumer service of TLCS Global
Visa Services, who have been providing visa management expertise for
business users for the last ten years and handle over 6,000 visa
applications a month. TLCS hope that it is only a matter of time before
people sign up for The Visa Company’s services and enjoy the same benefits
as their thousands of corporate customers.

Record-breaking adventurer and Everest hero Jake Meyer is a quick convert
to the new online service. A speaker at the Destinations travel show and in
association with The Visa Company, Meyer knows exactly what to do when
organising tourist visas for his next expedition: “I think it’s a brilliant
service. If you’re organising an overseas trip, then you’ll understand the
hassle and expense of organising visas. So an online alternative that
simplifies the whole process makes life a lot easier. The Visa Company
keeps tabs on frequent changes to the application process and keeps all the
documentation in one place. By organising the visa online I save time,
avoid the queues, and it doesn’t cost me any more than my train fare.
Fantastic, I will definitely use it in future.”

The Visa Company’s CEO Malcolm Bluemel said, “The launch of The Visa
Company is part of our vision of making the visa application process as
simple, straightforward and as cost-effective as possible for the consumer.
At the heart of this vision is our website that delivers accurate and clear
visa information from a comprehensive database supported by a proven online
booking and tracking tool.”