Skyscanner steps up European presence

SkyScanner is launching Russian, Greek and Czech language versions of the site, further widening SkyScanner’s footprint in the European market. SkyScanner is available in English, French, Italian, Polish, German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese, making it the most accessible flight search engine in Europe.

Recent reports claim that Russian tourists are likely to be more lucrative to European markets than tourists from China and that outbound spend on travel and tourism will double in the next ten years[1]. In response to this, along with the dramatic growth in outbound flight searches on SkyScanner in these three new markets, the business has been working to further create fully supported versions of the popular site.

Over nine million searches are now performed on SkyScanner each month with 35% originating from outside the UK.

Barry Smith, Co-Founder and Commercial Director of SkyScanner, comments: “SkyScanner is dedicated to aiding consumers to find the best possible deals on flights, allowing them to compare and contrast flight prices across all budget airlines simultaneously. As the demand increases across Europe, so does our commitment to making it as accessible as possible to consumers by providing the site within their own languages.”

Smith adds: “We will continue to expand our global reach and aim to support at least 20 worldwide languages on the site by the end of 2007.”