RawVegas.tv makes online debut

RawVegas.tv, an Internet TV channel featuring 24-hour on-demand, original programming dedicated exclusively to covering all things Las Vegas, premieres today with its first slate of shows. The online entertainment channel, which goes where regular television dare not tread as it exposes all sides of the “anything goes” Las Vegas lifestyle, stars an array of Las Vegas gaming and entertainment personalities and offers original video content produced specifically for the Internet.

RawVegas.tv’s no-holds-barred programming, consisting mostly of short-form Webisodes geared towards young adults, includes sports handicapping and gaming shows, reality shows starring Las Vegas personalities, a celebrity gossip beat, Las Vegas news and reviews programs, a comedy sketch program and a number of shows that uncover the sexy side of Sin City.

“Las Vegas is the world’s most exciting city, and our 100% original video programming reflects the city’s ‘anything goes’ attitude,” said Steve “Chops” Preiss, president of RawVegas.tv, which is the first venture for Raw Networks LLC, a Las Vegas-based Internet television production company.

“RawVegas.tv’s daily content will capture all of the fun and decadence of the Las Vegas nightlife, gaming, entertainment and sex industries while also providing unique perspectives on Las Vegas news and the celebrity scene that you won’t get anywhere else,” said Preiss. “We’ll also feature prominent Las Vegas personalities in a number of roles, from being reality show subjects to actually hosting shows.”

“The interest in Las Vegas, especially among young adults, has never been greater, and there’s a huge audience online hungry not only to see what actually does happen in Vegas, but who also are seeking edgy and irreverent original video content,” said Preiss. “It’s a demographic that is very appealing to advertisers.”