Travelocity addresses climate change

KT Tunstall has partnered with Travelocity to host a private concert at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on Thursday, February 8 to support efforts to slow climate change, including Travelocity’s carbon offset program.
The event will consist of a meet and greet for approximately 150 lucky guests as well as a live acoustic performance by the platinum artist. Tunstall is a strong supporter of climate change prevention and has been involved in such events as the Golden Green party at the Golden Globes in January. Winners will be selected through radio promotions nationwide that highlight the importance of offsetting carbon dioxide emissions from travel, and all winners will have their carbon “zeroed out” through Travelocity’s GoZero program in conjunction with The Conservation Fund.

The concept of climate change is fairly new to most Americans, and carbon offsets are even more foreign. As the issue becomes more widely understood and the number of customers concerned with the prospect of climate change continues to grow, Travelocity has developed a program to allow customers to purchase “carbon offsets” when they buy a vacation package.

The program called Go Zero(SM), allows customers to effectively “zero out” or offset the carbon emissions generated by their flight, hotel, or car usage through a donation to The Conservation Fund, which then plants native trees to absorb carbon dioxide. Details can be found at

More than 4,000 Travelocity Go Zero(SM) trees are already being planted in the Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge, which is located 45 miles north of New Orleans, LA and was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina.