Air Malta soaks up UK airport tax

Air Malta has announced that it will absorb the increase
of the UK Airport Departure Tax for those passengers who have purchased
their ticket before 6th December 2006.The also only applies to those travelling on Air
Malta scheduled services on or after 1st February 2007.

Following the doubling of the UK Government imposed airport departure
tax from GBP5 to GBP10, any journey booked from a UK airport for travel
after 1st February 2007 will be liable to additional tax. The UK
Government is responsible for implementing and collecting Airport
Departure tax and this is done through the operating airlines.

On all its UK flights, Air Malta offers an enhanced level of in-flight
service including free audio visual programming, the popular in-flight
magazine - Skylife; free newspapers and a complementary drink (including
wine or beer). Air Malta allows passengers the possibility to pool 20kgs
and 30kgs free baggage allowance for economy class and Club Class
passengers respectively. The airline also boasts of a young fleet, which
by next year will have an average age of 2.5 years and will be one of
the youngest fleets in Europe and throughout the world.