Online video spend for PR climbs

Top companies in business, government and non-profit arenas are producing and distributing more video for public relations, according to key metrics issued today by The NewsMarket, the media’s online source for video.

In all key areas, The NewsMarket reported large growth in client usage and video delivery in 2006. Clients like Google, Pfizer and BMW and others increased their year-on-year spend 57% on digital video distribution in 2006. More than 250 hours of video were uploaded to

in 2006, up 45% from 2005. Overall, increasing numbers of clients created more video during the year.

Global media outlets are responding—at the end of 2006, 10,500 international media outlets were using The NewsMarket services, a 40% jump from the 7,500 outlets in 2005. CNN, CNBC, APTN and Fox News were among the top US-based broadcast media outlets sourcing content from The NewsMarket. In Europe, BBC, CNBC and RAI are among the top users. In Asia, major users of The NewsMarket include CCTV (China Central Television), NDTV (New Delhi Television) and Zee News. Univision, Telemundo and CNN en Espanol were among top media for the fast-growing Spanish-language news market.

Nearly 90% of the video delivered to media organizations by The NewsMarket is done so digitally. Overall, The NewsMarket fulfilled 240,000 requests for video clips in 2006, a 100% annual increase over 2005. Among the most requested clips were from the World Cup, George Clooney’s visit to Darfur in April ‘06, the Detroit Auto Show and Google’s acquisition of YouTube.


The NewsMarket is the only web-based platform that enables global news media outlets to source company stock footage and video news announcements from companies, international organizations and government agencies. The NewsMarket works with some of the world’s leading brands as they migrate to digital, web-based delivery from expensive satellite feeds and tape-by-mail delivery methods.

“Interest has skyrocketed for video in news stories,” said Shoba Purushothaman, CEO and Co-founder of The NewsMarket. “More video-enhanced news stories mean that companies need to produce more video, while finding ways to manage, organize and make it available. Our clients understand this and are producing more and more video to complement their companies’ initiatives; in fact, more than half of our renewing contracts included increased spending. We expect growth of digital video content distribution to at least double again this year.”

The NewsMarket counts among its clients some of the biggest brand names in top sectors of Technology, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Government/NGO, Consumer, Tourism, Sports and Professional Services—clients like Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Dell, General Motors, BMW, Astra Zeneca, American Red Cross, adidas and the NHL.