JAL expands charter business

JAL has decided to promote charter flight business as a new international business field and will strengthen activities in this area in future. In FY2007, JAL will operate about 800 charter flights, an increase of about 100 flights (13%) from the current year ending March 31 2007, from various parts of Japan to cities and tourist destinations around the world (excludes Haneda- Gimpo charter flights).

The biggest merit of charter flights is the shorter flight time to the destination due to direct flights. JAL will pursue the convenience of customers, by eliminating connection flights and flying direct from various parts of Japan to popular cities and tourist destination overseas, which would take more time on scheduled flights, thus meeting the demand of the silver population (baby boomers), who are now retiring from the workforce.

The JAL charter program will also meet the needs of more diverse customers, such as special interest groups including, for example, spectators of sports events..

In the past JAL has operated charter flights from main airports in Japan to Alaska (US), Koror (Palau), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia), Alice Springs (Australia), and from regional airports in Japan to Hawaii, Guam and Macao. In future JAL will increase charter flight frequency, the number of departure airports in Japan and the variety of destinations to create new demand.

JAL also plans to proactively develop private charter flights where special individuals or corporations conclude an agreement with the airline to charter an aircraft. Such flights can be used as a means of travel for musical groups such as orchestras, sports groups, and corporate entertainment, including employee and incentive trips.