easyJet responds to Stansted plan

easyJet boss Andy Harrison has revealed his criticism of the new BAA plans for Stansted.Speaking in response to BAA’s latest plans to double the size of
London’s Stansted Airport, Andy Harrison, easyJet Chief Executive, said:

          “Today’s plans are little better than any of the other
plans BAA has put on the table in the last couple of years at Stansted.
BAA’s policy of saying “It’s not quite as expensive as we told you last
time” is a poor substitute for plans built around the genuine needs of
BAA’s customers - the airlines and our passengers.

          “The scheme remains over-engineered and too expensive.
It may be good for BAA’s shareholders, but it is not the right way
forward for UK aviation and the travelling public.

          “The mock-consultation with those who will eventually
pay for use of the new airport - the airlines - demonstrates why the
Civil Aviation Authority’s proposals to de-regulate Stansted are

          “BAA needs more regulation, not less.”