UK hotel revenue gets December boost

December results in the UK show a growth in RevPAR of 13% compared to the same period last year (GBP58.45 to GBP66.04).This figure was driven by an increase of 4.5% in Occupancy (65.5% to 68.4%) and an increase of 8.1% in Average Room Rate (ARR) from GBP89.23 to GBP96.49). 

The country as a whole ended the year with an ARR of GBP 96.71, Occupancy of 77.8% and RevPAR of GBP75.25, which reveals respective increases of 7%, 5% and 12.4% compared to 2005.

Bubble Size is representative of absolute RevPAR change in percent. The labels show the actual RevPAR change in percent. Hollow bubbles indicate that the RevPAR change is negative. Destinations off the chart are: Newcastle: ARR -1.1%, OCC 6.4%, Rev PAR 5.2%

James Chappell, Managing Director of The Bench said, “Aberdeen topped the ranking in RevPAR growth of the UK Regional Cities with a strong growth of 13.2% as annual average room rates rose to GBP69.03 (up 8.6% upon last year) as the city maximised on increased demand by securing premium rates as reflected in the double digit growth achieved for 6 months of the year. London had a fantastic year. A combination of the Farnborough Air show, a fantastic summer, residual demand from a frustrated tourist market in 2005 and the Israeli leveling of Beirut pushed levels of demand to exceptional levels. London truly has become one of the world cities.”