Mytravelstore offers marketing alternative

Travel companies now have an alternative to expensive search engine pay-per-click online advertising campaigns with the launch of, a website set up to provide the travel industry with qualified sales leads from web users. acts as a depository of travel offers, with pages of deals for its tens of thousands of registered users to search. When a member finds an offer of interest, the site allows them to collect and save it to their travel store account, then directs them to the advertiser?s website or call centre.

At the same time, the site provides the advertiser with valuable data on the potential customer, and offers the advertiser the option of asking specific questions of members, providing an even richer source of data capture. The advertiser has the added benefit of valuable real-time online stats reporting.

Jem Moss, who has over 20 years? experience in the travel industry, is launching the site to provide an alternative marketing route for travel companies. He said: ?Paying search engines for each click to a website without any information on the customer or knowing that they are truly interested in your product is an extremely expensive way of reaching your market. We offer a mechanism for travel companies to connect with interested customers and build their own database, while only paying for those members of the public that are more likely to convert into customers.? has already built a database of 70,000 registered users in its pre-launch phase and has secured major advertisers such as Travelpack, which has used the site for the last couple of months during its development phase and launch.


Ashok Patel, chairman of holiday specialist Travelpack says: ?We have had an excellent response in terms of volume of enquiries. The data supplied has been of a very high standard in comparison to other internet data companies we have used in the past. has been a good platform, providing a steady stream of genuine holidaymakers looking for a specific destination, time of year and duration of travel.?