Red Sea resort hit by suicide bomber

A suicide bomber has blown himself up in a bakery in Israel’s Red Sea resort of Eilat. The bomb killed three people and is the first such attack inside Israel in nine months.

The bombing occurred in a small bakery in a residential neighborhood and was initially believed to have been caused by a gas cylinder explosion rather than a bomber.

The bombing is raising fears that tourism to Eilat could be hit. Nearly 180,000 overseas tourists visited the resort last year.

Eilat are looking to bring tourists from Europe to the festivals they have there, The resort city was looking to promote Israel’s biggest jazz festival, an annual Yemenite music festival and a four-year-old film festival.

Roadblocks have now been set up outside Eilat, which lies on the southern-most tip of Israel on the border with Egypt and Jordan, and senior Israeli security officials were rushing to the scene, Israeli radio reported.


The resort city of Eilat in southern Israel has largely been spared such attacks, which generally occur in more central areas of the country.