Omni debuts Sensational Meetings program

Omni’s Sensational Meetings
program, debuting this week, centers on truly customizing the environment
surrounding a particular meeting to match its customer goals. Whether an organization is conducting a brainstorming session, a complex negotiation
or recognizing excellence in the organization, Omni’s Sensational Meetings
program is designed to shape the sensory elements to maximize the meeting
  Sensational Meetings represents the next chapter in Omni’s innovative
sensory activation mission, crafted especially for the all-important
meetings marketplace. In developing the program, Omni looked at every
element of the meeting—to first ensure that meeting attendees were in a
comfortable and highly functional atmosphere. The luxury brand then took it
much further by completely fine tuning and orchestrating the sensory
components—sight, sound, touch, taste and smell—based on the purpose
of the meeting. Decor, visual stimulation, appetizing flavors and aromas,
mood enhancing foods, scents, sound tracks, background noise, temperature,
lighting, tactile elements and presentation were all carefully considered.
Much more than a typical “themed” meeting, Omni Hotels’ Sensational
Meetings program is specifically framed around the purpose of the meeting
to drive towards a more successful event.
  “Meetings are a vital element in today’s business environment, yet
often they are viewed as dull, dreary and unproductive,” said Stephen
Rosenstock, senior vice president of brand standards and business
development for Omni Hotels. “With specially trained, knowledgeable
associates, we’re committed to providing fresh, innovative environments
specially designed to align with the primary objective of the meeting.”
  From the lobbies to the guest rooms and now to the boardroom, breakout
or ballroom—Omni’s Sensational Meetings will customize meeting
environments to enhance the attendees’ experience through activating the
sensory in unique and dynamic ways. For brainstorming, imagine meeting
“accessories” such as mood- enhancing sound tracks, invigorating green tea
and peppermint scents, high energy shots and glazed citrus snacks, unique
lighting and brilliant accents, combined to create an invigorating,
intellectually stimulating atmosphere.
  Omni Hotels is now showcasing three examples of its Sensational
Meetings program—Energetic Meetings, Challenging Meetings and
Recognition Meetings. Each of these meeting sessions has very unique goals,
yet the meeting room can be fully orchestrated to fit the exact needs and
goals of the meeting and the meeting planner.
  Energetic Meetings

  An energetic environment is favorable for brainstorming, planning and
training. The qualities of an energetic meeting include vibrant,
high-energy colors, fun, stimulating flavors as well as unique lighting and
brilliant accents that come together to create an invigorating,
intellectually stimulating atmosphere.
  Challenging Meetings

  Challenging meetings involve transition and negotiation. These meetings
tend to have times of tension. Omni Hotels can provide a relaxed
environment that reduces the stress while increasing productivity. A sample
environment may have lower lighting to set the mood, with green tea and
music that speaks to positive energy and re-assurance.
  Recognition Meetings

  Recognition meetings honor past accomplishments and build on a vision
for the future. Recognition meeting attendees are apt to having higher
energy levels, and to meet this high level of energy, Omni Hotels can
provide celebratory or upbeat music, individual floral arrangements and
champagne truffles. For enhanced alertness, the meeting may be accompanied
with a peppermint or chocolate mint aroma.