Tourism set to grow 4.2% over 10 years

In line with most expert predictions, World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) research suggests that global Travel & Tourism will continue to grow at a steady annual rate of 4.2 per cent over the next ten years.

At the official opening of a major trade fair in Portugal, WTTC President, Jean-Claude Baumgarten, said: “Against such an optimistic background, the Travel & Tourism sector faces new and immediate challenges and it is time to ask ourselves whether the industry is ready to manage this growth?; are the conditions in place for this growth to generate wide prosperity; or will opportunities be squandered and tensions mount because barriers are allowed to persist?; and is growth to be pursued purely for profit, or is the Travel & Tourism sector capable of acting as responsible World Citizens, balancing business needs with cultural, social and environmental factors?”

Under the theme Breaking Barriers, Managing Growth, these issues will be addressed directly at the Global Travel & Tourism Summit, taking place in Lisbon, Portugal from May 10 to 12, 2007.

At the launch, the Portuguese Secretary of State of Tourism, Bernardo Trindade, underlined: “The Travel & Tourism industry recognizes the role that it must play to manage this growth responsibly and invest now for a sustainable future. The Portuguese government is committed to help the Council and its Members to voice this message to the global community.”

The world’s most influential business and political leaders will convene to foment a strong collaboration between the public and private sector and to ensure that the Travel & Tourism industry as a whole works together to combat climate change and environmental issues that are looming over the future of such a dynamic and prosperous industry.


This year WTTC has created an interactive web channel where Members and speakers will put forward their ideas and opinions on all industry matters. Members of the public are invited to comment.